Our Brand

Harness the Power of Pacific

We are a strong and stable company that has been helping clients achieve their life goals for more than 150 years. That power, captured in our brand icon—the humpback whale—is at the core of our brand. Strength, performance, and protection.

Power of Pacific

Protecting what’s important to you. Meeting your goals. Being ready for wherever life leads. Those are a few of the things the Power of Pacific can help you achieve. And, it’s why generations of families and businesses have chosen Pacific Life for retirement and life insurance solutions. Explore how the power of pacific can give you the confidence to create a future that is meaningful for you.


We know that customers have a choice in financial service companies. That’s why our products and services have been helping generations of families plan for better tomorrows for more than 150 years. Our Brand Pillars have served as our strategic guide ensuring that we provide our customers with products and services that stand the test of time. 

The beginning of something even better

Lifetime income can give you freedom to retire on your terms.

Retire, without retiring from life

Save for retirement so you have the flexibility to  keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you.

Living a Well-Lived Life

Explore the ingredients of a well-lived life. 

Planning for The Unexpected

Some moments can change everything.

Making Meaningful Moments

Life is a journey with many meaningful moments along the way.

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